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All the facts and evidence that we have (video):  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1k7_AxiYC8g confirm that the Earth is flat and looks like UN logo with Arctic in its center as the true North, described in details in the book by Rowbotham “Zetetic Astronomy-Earth Not a Globe” surrounded in South by the ice belt some kind – Antarctica. There are many false information about Flat Earth on the Internet so please chose wisely who to listen to and what to believe. Please start your Flat Earth investigation from reading that book first.

My role here is not about convincing you to the Flat Earth Theory. My role is to start make you think and question things you believe are “facts” because school teachers and media told you so… the “authorities”. But how do they know? They just repeat stuff and doing their job. We’ve been conditioned since we were little kids that the Earth is a spinning ball and it’s not easy to start thinking otherwise. It’s not easy to understand that we’ve been lied to about such a fundamental thing as a shape of our World. I know it sounds ridiculous and even stupid when you hear about Flat Earth for the very first time, but just give it a try.

Most people don’t accept Flat Earth because they cannot comprehend that people in power have been lying to us about it all this time. But when they start investigating and researching all this by themselves with an open and critical mind, they realize that everything they know about Globe Earth, Big Bang, Universe and Space is based on speculations, hypothesis, theories, computer 3D animations and science fiction, not to mention staged and faked Moon trips and in present days – the ISS non existence aka fraud…

This spinning 1674km/h or 1040mph Globe Earth deception runs deep in all branches of our existence and it’s not easy to change our perspective on things. Please, give it a serious thought. Do you really believe that we hurtle through “Space” 67,000mph or 108,000km/h on a giant rock with waters stuck to it because supposedly “gravity” holds it down? And at the same time the same “gravity” is not crushing a flying bee? You see, the problem is that most people don’t know the facts about our alleged Globe Earth and the Universe so here it is in a nutshell:

Galaxies are speeding 20 million miles per hour, our Milky Way Galaxy is speeding 600,000 miles per hour, Earth is speeding 70,000 miles per hour around the Sun, Earth is speeding on its axis 1000 miles per hour, GPS satellites (about 30) are located 13,000 miles from Earth, Earth diameter is supposedly almost 8,000 miles. So as you can see the GPS satellites are supposedly located further from Earth than the Earth’s diameter itself! And they are able to pin point an exact location of a given object anywhere on a spinning and speeding globe Earth? Yeah, right…  If the Earth was a Globe, then the curvature would start after just 6 miles, but we can see far far away for hundreds of miles. Nobody has access to Antarctica, planes don’t fly over it and I talk about it in my video:


Please check my channels & my videos. Nothing is the way u think it is, so you need to change your perspective on things and learn to discern.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you’ll find something of interest on my channels, including Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Zetetic Flat Earth blog!

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  2. ZeteticFlatEarth, This is Korea, and you are great one, I wish to left you this comment after discovered your video saying by moon position during time of the GoFast missile 2014. You are great. and go on you great work. May be blessed.


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